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I am a sculptor working primarily with metal. I also use glass and occasionally plastic. I have always admired and enjoyed art and artists. I spent nearly 25 years as a mechanical designer and engineer working for the IBM Corporation. When my job with IBM ended in mid 2002 I suddenly found myself without a creative outlet. I began to sketch and build what I like to call "Engineered Art". 


My art is inspired by the science fiction and scientific apparatus of the 1930’s to the 1950’s. My sculptures are a tribute to an aesthetic that seemed to be very optimistic and embracing of the future. The beauty and utility of the helix, spiral and circle are the theme of most of my work.


My objects are carefully cleaned and polished before final assembly. I strive to produce sculptures that look as if they were new and awaiting use in the laboratory by some mad scientist or ready to be deployed to defend the Earth from an attack from Mars.

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